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3 Exciting Days of Confession & Prayer!

5 General Sessions / 10 Speakers leading in CORPORATE REPENTANCE

The Bible commands God’s people to…

” Declare a holy fast; call a solemn assembly. Summon the elders and all who live in the land to the house of the LORD your God, and cry out to the LORD.” (Joel 1:14)


Anyone who wants to grow in Christ more in 2024!

Ideally it’s for:



  • Pastors, Worship Leaders
  • Influencers, Authors
  • Prophets, Evangelists
  • 30 min messages including 5 minute prayers of corporate repentance


  • Training from other Pastors, Worship Leaders, Influencers, Authors, Prophets, Evangelists
  • How to pray, how to repent, how to listen to God, how to minister in power of HS, and many other topics
  • Live, interactive classes on personal holiness, prayer life, and spiritual power.

24/7 VIRTUAL PRAYER ROOM – registrants can post prayer requests for intercessor team.

VIRTUAL HEALING ROOM – registrants can ask for healing team members to pray for them.

24/7 TESTIMONIES ROOM – reports of healings, answers to prayer can be read and encourage all who attend.

24/7 PROPHETIC ROOM – prophetic team an receive and give prophetic words as led, and test words given and display those who they feel so led.


Attendee Hub – phone /desktop

Post Conference Video on Demand

Workshops with live Q & A!

It is time to Pray

It is time to Repent

It is time to Break Through!

BreakThrough 24 is a Virtual Conference on Corporate Repentance for Christians, and for church leaders.

Come ready to grow, learn, repent, forgive and change!

Miracles happen – when we PRAY!




Hurry! Get Early Bird Break Through Sponsorship Registration Right Now – $19 per ticket! ends in April!


Hurry! Early Bird at $19 Ends Soon!

Pastors! To Get FREE General Attendance Pass CLICK HERE!


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Hurry! Early Bird at $100 for 10 Registrants Ends Soon!



  1. How do I register for this virtual conference? Go to the How to Register section above and click on “Register.”
  2. Can I really donate any amount to register? Yes! We want to make sure anyone who wants to participate can attend!
  3. How do I know where to go on May 7? The link to the conference will be emailed to you when you register!
  4. What is the Early Bird Discount for Registration? The Early Bird Registration is $19! It will go to $29 sometime in April.
  5. What happens in the Virtual Exhibit Hall? This is just like a Conference Exhibit Room where you can walk around and check everything out!
  6. How do I request personal prayer at the 24/7 Prayer Room? As an official registrant, you can drop by anytime throughout the conference and post a prayer request! A trained Prayer Team member will take that request to the Lord – and literally storm heaven on your behalf!
  7. What is the difference between the Healing Room and the 24/7 Prayer Room? The Healing Room is for those prayer request that are specifically healing requests for any kind of healing: spiritual, physical, emotional, social, financial, et.
  8. Is the 24/7 Prayer Room & Healing Room always open? Yes they are except during Main Sessions & Workshops. (We want everyone to attend those!)
  9. Will I learn how to pray at this conference? Yes you sure will! In fact, one of the most important lessons has to do with knowing what to pray. You will learn how to pray as God gives you direction!
  10. Do I have to attend every session & workshop? Of course not! However, we encourage you to attend as much as possible live! Live is always better than replays. Having said that, our conference will be available for you to watch on demand!
  11. What comes with the VIP Experience? As is stated, with the VIP you can access help be one of our team leaders anytime during the conference. Also you get some SWAG in a BAG, plus a super awesome Break Through 24 T-shirt! It’s definitely the best way to go!
  12. Can I buy group tickets? Yes you can buy a Church Group of 10 for $100!


Why Should I Sponsor This Conference?

  1. The most committed Christians are going to be registering for a conference on Corporate Repentance, prayer, healing et!
  2. There will be 10 guest speakers & 12 workshop speakers – all experienced ministers with hundreds if not thousands of ministry followers. This amounts to a total reach of 20 K and up.
  3. The Virtual aspect of this conference only multiplies the reach of the conference
  4. For the 20K+ core audience, they will be sent several emails, social media reminders to continue to watch any and every segment they were not able to view live.
  5. Online Conferences make a much larger impact in terms of marketing metrics, because of the additional reminders, emails, texts, social media before, during and after the conference.

NOTE: We are an official nonprofit corporation/ministry in the State of Nebraska and USA and have received our IRS Determination Letter securing our tax exemption 501c(3) status! ALL donations are tax deductible!