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Executive Pastor
LifeGate Church

“Jeff was the first one to model to me relational ministry. He loved teenagers when they often acted unlovable earning the privilege of influence. His passion for Jesus and love for people hasn’t changed over the years. As one who learned this foundation of authentic ministry from Jeff, I am thrilled to see him continue to equip those who would minister.”

SCC Director, Senior Pastor
DMCC Omaha

“It’s been an honor working alongside you (Jeff) as we have co-led Racial Roundtables. Thank you so much for the word that you brought to us many nights. I felt there were some great healing times in the room. It feels like you’ve always been a part of us. I love what the Lord is up to! Keep going for it brother! Hearts are being impacted by you being there!”

Executive Pastor
Brookside Church Omaha

“Jeff impacted my life tremendously as a young adult and he continues to be a good friend. I’m glad to see his deep care for others, his passion for spiritual renewal, and his heart for equipping will find expression in this ministry!”

Speaker, Author, Director
High Impact Movement

“Jeff is one of the most caring and loving men, ministers, and friend a person could ever meet. His love for the word of God and his passion to serve others is evident and his unfailing. This man when he speaks he speaks with power and love and conviction that changes the hearts and minds of those who listen.”

Regional Coordinator
Word Made Flesh Intl.

“I had the privilege of serving under Jeff Saxton in a church junior high ministry. Jeff modeled discipleship by “being with” and “being for.” Jeff listened to what God was teaching me and about my struggles as a young believer, reciprocating by sharing his own. Jeff believed in his team, allowing leaders – to use and grow in their gifts.”

Speaker, H.S. Counselor
Omaha Public Schools

“Jeff is the real deal! He’s a friend to all and a voice that always brings love to every space he is in.
I have had the honor of being around many blessings that Jeff has created/fostered/encouraged, promoted, etc. He makes this world a better place as he chooses to be Jesus’ hands and feet.”

Recording Artist, Conference Minister Choose Ministries

“Jeff is a compelling visionary, full of creativity and a kingdom mindset. Through the years he’s remained consistent in his desire to help others grow deeply in their commitment to Christ, and help foster opportunities for spiritual revelation. He is a long time friend whom I’ve had the privilege of working alongside, a witness to his authenticity and fruit of his ministry.”

CHRIS YOUNGDALE Founder/Director
Care Package Inbound

“When I think of Jeff, I think of a creative, companionate, and patient person. A man that longs to see others experience the forgiving, chain breaking, loving God that changed his life, and continues to take him to new places as he say yes to each invitation from the Father. I have worked under the leadership of Jeff in ministry, joined him in creative projects and loved every second of it.”