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Sponsor Packages

(If you wish to receive a 100% tax deduction, you can choose DONATE button and forgo any perks listed at each level.)

Everything in Silver Level PLUS…

  • Company description listed on conference website
  • 90-second welcome remarks delivered before the sponsored main session
  • Highlight company/name in pre-conference email sends
  • One-time email blast to all post-conference attendees
  • Logo featured in pre-conference marketing materials

Everything in Bronze Level PLUS…

  • Sponsored conference breakout session.
  • 30-second video advertising your business during a general session.
  • Logo featured in pre-conference marketing materials.

Everything in Pearl Level PLUS…

  • 30-second video advertising your business during a sponsored session.
  • Logo on the screen at the end of the sponsored session.
  • Verbal recognition during the sponsored session by instructor.

Everything in Start Level PLUS…

  • Company link on the conference webpage.
  • Logo featured in pre-conference emails.
  • Name and Logo on opening of 1 Sponsored Session.
  • Everything in Basic LEVEL, plus…
  • Company name, phone, address, website & listing on sponsorship page on the conference website.
  • Business logo on the conference homepage.
  • Company/Business logo on sponsorship page of conference website.

What is “BREAK THROUGH 24?”


Why such a conference?

The Bible commands His people to come together during times of drought, sin, trouble, and do this…

” Declare a holy fast; call a solemn assembly. Summon the elders and all who live in the land to the house of the LORD your God, and cry out to the LORD.” (Joel 1:14)

We have decided to answer that call to bring God’s people together and cry out to Him for the desperate needs of the USA and THE WHOLE WORLD!


  • Pastors, Worship Leaders
  • Influencers, Authors
  • Prophets, Evangelists
  • 30 min messages including 5 minute prayers of corporate repentance


  • Training from other Pastors, Worship Leaders, Influencers, Authors, Prophets, Evangelists
  • How to pray, how to repent, how to listen to God, how to minister in power of HS, and many other topics
  • Live, interactive classes on personal holiness, prayer life, and spiritual power.

24/7 VIRTUAL PRAYER ROOM – registrants can post prayer requests for intercessor team.

VIRTUAL HEALING ROOM – registrants can ask for healing team members to pray for them.

24/7 TESTIMONIES ROOM – reports of healings, answers to prayer can be read and encourage all who attend.

24/7 PROPHETIC ROOM – prophetic team an receive and give prophetic words as led, and test words given and display those who they feel so led.


  • How to Repent of your sins
  • How God speaks to your spirit
  • Ways to grow your faith & prayer life
  • How to experience God’s Presence
  • Biblical principles of fasting
  • How to lead your family/friends in prayer
  • How to listen to Holy Spirit convict you
  • How to fight & win spiritual battles
  • How to get on fire & stay on fire for God


Attendee Hub – phone /desktop

You will have your very own portal to enjoy entire virtual conference as well as forums, 24/7 prayer room, healing room, workshops and of course Main Sessions!

Post Conference Video on Demand

You will be able to replay or watch any sessions you may have missed after the virtual conference has ended.

Workshops with live Q & A!

Enjoy each workshop with a live comments and Q & A just like a Facebook Live only better! Also fun quizzes and gaming to help you enjoy as well as retain learning!


Tuesday May 7

Wednesday May 8

Thursday May 9

Why Should I Sponsor This Conference?

To see this event become a reality, we need your help.

The larger our budget, the more people can enjoy this rare opportunity to participate in a SOLEMN ASSEMBLY just as the Bible teaches.

The costs include: the virtual software and training of volunteers, the time of myself and others to reach, social media, advertisements, video marketing, email marketing is well over $25K. Please prayerfully consider any gift of any size

IF YOU DO NOT WANT ANY PERKS: You can surely donate for a 100% tax deduction.

We need $10K ASAP to get this Virtual Conference running.

Please pray and ask God if you are to sponsor or donate, and then what & He wants, if you are so led.

We must raise these funds rapidly so we can focus our our time and energy to creating this TOOL, to prepare God’s people for REVIVAL!

Thank You with HELPING WITH this immediate need …

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NOTE: We are an official nonprofit corporation/ministry in the State of Nebraska and USA and have received our IRS Determination Letter securing our tax exemption 501c(3) status! ALL donations are tax deductible!