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Here’s How We Help You Experience Revival, and Equip Others Together:

Online Training

High Quality Live Presentations, Video Trainings and Interactive Webinars about Revivals In Scripture, Spiritual Awakenings in History, New Testament Principles for spiritual gifts, and more!

Bible Courses

Biblical explorations about revivals and spiritual gifts that will give you a solid foundation to experience all that God has for you, and discern what is of the Lord, and what is not.

Small Group Bible Studies

Bible Study materials for small groups, church groups that facilitates discussion into the Biblical references for Revivals, Repenting and Equipping others to minister.

Messages & Seminars

Biblical Messages about how to experience spiritual awakening, hear God’s voice, take spiritual inventory of your soul, and discover your unique ministry.

Jeff modeled discipleship by “being with” and “being for.” 


Regional Coordinator
Word Made Flesh Intl.