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What exactly is “Revival” from a Biblical perspective?

Biblical “revival” is the bringing back to spiritual health and vibrancy that which has died, or near death in the life of a Christian, or Christians.

Biblical Revival is an acknowledgement of wrongdoing that often occurs when reading the Word of God. The revelation from Holy Spirit of God’s Word, brings a godly sorrow brought by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and a sincere repentance immediately follows. This results in a return to obedience and a renewed walking in the truth of that revealed Word!


Bringing Back To Life

Christians who are spiritually dormant, or dead. (Revelation 3:1)


Building Up The Body

of Christ in the First Love Deeds mentioned in Revelation 2::5.


Blessing Of God Coming

to God’s people when they are revived and equipped. (Acts 2:47)

Jeff & Sylvie Saxton

Our Story

Join Us on This Journey!

Both of us were radically saved at age 18 after living crazy and wild lives in high school. The only difference between us was 6000 miles. Now after 14 years of full-time ministry we are more committed than ever to making disciples and training leaders.

We See 3 Major Steps required for experiencing revival in the Bible:

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