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The Other Verses

As sinful humans who often go astray, people like to use certain Bible nuances or translational preferences when holding on tightly to a belief they have.

Even many Christians like using certain phrases, in part, because then they have an excuse to counter potential other verses in the Bible that don’t support their belief. 

Pet Verses

When people begin to teach others what the Bible says – we must always keep mindful of the whole Bible and not just a possible “pet verse” that upholds a plethora of opinions not solidly founded on the whole counsel of God. 

Some folks hold these pet verses as dear as their pet dog or cat. “My little verse.” They won’t let any other verse come in and mess things up. 

These “other verses” are often avoided. Perhaps they are seen as problematic in that – they are not necessarily 100% in the opposite direction – but they create a conflict with certain “preferred” theories and ideas. 

This is unfortunate because these “problematic conflicts” are, in fact, the very boundaries necessary for the truth of that verse to have its full effect. 

Jesus Example. 

We need look no further than Jesus’ example for this. When he was led of the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, we see exactly how it’s done by the Master Himself:

In Matthew 4: 1 we read the following:

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted[a] by the devil. 

As you read that story, notice each temptation from Satan was not carnal, but very “spiritual” and had a verse to back up his claim. 

Anyone can “have a verse” and make a doctrine out of it.  In this case of course, Satan was telling a truth but then he pushed that truth to its logical conclusion, giving no mention of other possible verses that provide the boundaries for that “truth” 

The essence of heresy. 

The most damaging heresies claim to have the solid Biblical basis for what they teach, yet intentionally avoid the entirety of Biblical material on the subject. 

Here’s what Jesus, the Master Bible teacher, did when tempted by these seemingly Biblical propositions: 

Example: Satan says in Vs 6:

Throw yourself down from the Temple. For it is written:He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’

Jesus answer was simple yet so powerful in Vs 7:

“It is also written, “do not tempt the Lord thy God.‘”

So that’s how we do it. 

“It is written.” “Yes. But it is also written.”

So both references may speak to an issue, but both must be factored in together to arrive at the complete truth – the whole truth, for this and every other verse in Scripture.

If you want to know what the Bible says about something – you need ALL of what the Bible says about that topic or doctrine, and not just one or two verses with no other verses that provide the context and boundaries. 

Will people think we’re “know-it-alls?

No. They will think the Bible knows it all. 

If you ever have a verse to help me, I’m all ears believe me.

I once had a 10-year old walk up to me as a youth pastor after what I thought was a fantastic sermon on seeking God’s direction for our lives. The kid shook my hand and said “Pastor Jeff – remember God loves you and you don’t need to worry about your future.” Now. I knew that of course. 

But as I prayed about it later – I realized I had been thinking way too much about “finding Gods will” for our lives during that whole season of life… and maybe not enough about the balance to this, “childlike trust” that God will direct my paths as I just love him and delight in Him.

When that 10 year old kid said that – I knew it was for me. “Thank you. Thank you for sharing that! I needed to hear that today!”

We should be able to learn from a 10 year old, let alone our adult brothers and sisters. 

So what’s the goal of this post?

That we remain teachable, hungry for God’s Word, childlike in our willingness to discover and adjust our lives according to what we learn. 

How about you? Are you teachable today? Are you allowing anyone whom God may inspire to teach you His Word? Will you read the Bible again today with a teachable heart and a hunger to feed on His Word with no misgivings or personal prejudices ?

“Well we’ve always believed this where I come from.” Okay. I get it. But will you let the Bible enlighten and maybe redirect or perhaps reinforce what you were taught? 


Part of what is needed is a season of revealing ALL THE BIBLE on the subject at hand – revival. How can I personally experience revival in my own life if I don’t even know what the Word says about it?

We are determined to create tools and training 100% from God’s Word – to help Christians and Christian Leaders take the next step in laying a solid foundation for their growth as a follower of Jesus.

Will you allow the Holy Spirit to teach you all things? Will you allow the Holy Spirit to use “the other verses” to complete your understanding?

Have a wonderful and Bible-based Christmas!

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