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Spiritual Inventory

Do You Have Any “Wicked Ways?”

2 Chronicles 7:14 says we, as His people, have “wicked ways” or “sinful paths” that we need to repent of and turn from. Are you ready for a 180-degree change in direction?

When He Isn’t Our First Love…


Perhaps it’s time to take inventory of your spiritual house. Are you ready? Are you willing? “Search me, O God, and know my heart. Test me and know my thoughts. See if there are any wicked ways in me…” (Psalm 139:23-24)

Revived By His Spirit

When we obey God’s Word, and repent of our sinful ways, the Holy Spirit often confirms the sincerity of our repentance with a great sense of His Presence. He will pour Himself out on those who seek Him according to John’s Gospel in chapters 13-15.

Ready To Equip Other Believers

When God has cleaned out our souls, and refreshed our spirits, we are ready to discover our place in the body, and our ministry gifts that He has given us to help build up each other into the fullness of Christ!

Tools That Help You Take Inventory of Your Spiritual Health Results are Private and Will Only Be Known To You and God.

Today we have So Many Distractions. It’s a Very Rare Occurrence when a Child of God truly seeks Him in Prayer.

Take Time To LISTEN

👉 God often Waits for Us to Make The Effort to Seek Him

👉 Remove all Distractions

👉 Be Desperate and Determined

👉 Write Down What He Shows You

👉 Start & Finish with The Bible

👉 God Communicates In a Variety of Ways

👉 Begin the Spirit-Filled and Spirit-led Life

👉 Satan Wants To Interfere With Your Listening

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