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Matching Challenge

April 5 – 20, 2021

Don’t you love MATCHING GIFTS?

We have a Donor who has offered to give $5,000 of MATCHING DONATIONS to our LAUNCH FUND!

(Has not yet given this gift FYI!)

They will give up to 5K in matching contributions. That means that even a gift of $500 can become $1,000!

The Deadline for this Matching Challenge is Tuesday, April 20!

So if you want your gift to be matched – you have to give it ASAP after April 5.

We are raising 30K total for our LAUNCH FUND:

If your gift comes in AFTER $5000 has already been given and matched, and you would like to still donate your amount – with your approval we would gladly still add your much needed gift to the LAUNCH FUND.

The MATCHING CHALLENGE starts April 5 and ends April 20, 2021