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Lead The Way to 10K

Jan 25 – Feb 14, 2024

We are raising 10K by VALETINE’S DAY to help us continue to REVIVE Christians FIRST LOVE for JESUS!

God has shown us the time is short. The need for REVIVAL is imminent. The Bible teaches us that Only a REVIVED MOVE OF GOD can stop the terrible perils coming upon the earth! (2 Chronicles 7:14, Revelation 2:1-6)

We must get these funds ASAP to enable us to keep this ministry moving forward!

We have said yes to go and bring Revival. But we can’t succeed without senders – sender like YOU!

We are seeking a Matching Donor (or Donors) who can offer up to $10,000 to be matched by MATCHING DONATIONS to our LEAD THE WAY TO 10K CHALLENGE!

(Has not yet given this gift FYI!)

That means that even a gift of $500 can become $1,000!

The Deadline for this Matching Challenge is VALENTINES DAY – February 14!

So if you want your gift to be matched – you have to give it ASAP and before the deadline Feb 14.

Some ask: “Why is revival really that important Jeff?”

Listen to my audio HERE where I give my answer.

If your gift comes in AFTER $10,000 has already been given and matched, and you would like to still donate your amount – with your approval we would gladly still add your much needed gift to the Challenge!

The MATCHING CHALLENGE starts Jan 25 and ends Feb 14 2024!


In Revelation 2:1-6, Jesus not only rebukes the church of Ephesus for losing the First Love, he says the following: “Repent, and do the deeds you did at first!”

These First Love Deeds include:

~ Sharing Our Faith, Church Attendance, Giving Financially, Inviting Friends,

~ Personal Prayer, Reading Scripture, Serving Others, Using Our Gifts.

If you want to see Christians, Pastors, Churches, Disciples doing the above FIRST LOVE DEEDS – CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION NOW!