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I Know What I Love

Today it dawned on me:

I’m sometimes misunderstood for my outspoken moments when I share my deep concern for the lack of Bible knowledge in our children, youth and adults. The response I hear the most is “Why does Jeff need to talk about Bible knowledge so much?”

For one thing: my base motivation is a coach. I am an equipper. So I love to equip. 

I’ve realized something else as well. I don’t want people to think my motive is to show off my knowledge.

Because there is always someone wiser and more knowledgeable and more educated. 

The reason why I have this knowledge is – EVERYTHING 

You see – I don’t read the Bible to gain knowledge alone. The Bible says “knowledge puffs up, love edifies” (I Corinthians 8:1)

Nobody cares about someone’s knowledge!

Here’s the thing: my knowledge comes from my love! I love God! And I love His Word! After that I don’t really care! (I John 2:5)

My love for God and therefore His Word is what draws me to spend hours a week reading it, memorizing it, studying it, teaching it, preaching it and as much as I can – living it. 

I have no titles or Doctorate degrees I need to show off. 

I have no desire to even have my name remembered. I may leave this life penniless, title less, name less.

But I do want to gain from the one thing I have seen over and over…

~ Change addicts lives forever!

~ Set captives free!

~ Restore broken marriages!

~ Rebuild broken relationships!

~ Cause unsaved people to find Christ!

~ Transform even the worst of sinners!

~ Truly reach deep beyond race and ethnicity and bring deep love and respect to any and every human being God ever created!

~ Made rebellious teens turn 180 and Give love and respect for their parents!

~ Nurture selfish attenders into selfless missionaries to the poorest places of the earth!

~ Cause hardened criminals to become Christlike followers!

It’s time for you and I to stop playing the Bible trivia game in church –

and start loving His Word. 

I knew zero when I attended Bible college my first year! I could have blamed everyone else as “know-it-all’s” and maybe I did at first. 

But Holy Spirit soon got hold of my will and said “It’s not a race to see who knows the most. Rather it’s a race to see who lives the most of what they KNOW!” (Matthew 7:24-27)


We need a Revival in USA, yes of course. But not so much a revival of signs and wonders. 

What we need is a Revival of LOVE!

Love for God

Love for His Word 

Love for the people He created 

Love for His Gospel message 

Love for our children and spouses 

I’m not perfect. Far from it. Plenty of weaknesses and tendencies and struggles. 

But I am on a journey to know Him in a whole new way in 2021

How about you?

Want to join me?

Let’s do this together. 

Click the link below and I’ll get you connected to our Revive Equip family!


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