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From The Executive Director

I just want to thank you again for taking the time to read this update on our lives and ministry!


First of all, as you may or may not know – we transitioned out of our role with Step Up To Life this past November/December. We had a great time. COVID 19 kind of sped up the timelines of getting my major projects done: the website, the new sermon archive, the online donation systems, the donor management system (Bloomerang) and the online products all with brand new images and add to cart, etc.

So, I basically ran out of projects – finishing about 9-12 months ahead of my own timetable. I could see, my role was suddenly 80% data entry. And I can barely type, let alone fly on the keyboard. :-0


As I prayed about my future, there was seemingly a consistent barrage of Bible verses about “Revival” and “Equipping the Saints” and this is truly what melts my butter. Don’t get me wrong – I love evangelism and will use SUTL forever it is the best there is.

But I have sensed almost daily in my prayers and intercessory times with the Lord that a REVIVAL is coming to our nation and world, that is going to be MASSIVE. I’m not talking decades from now – rather years and possibly months.

And I want to be part of what He is going to do.


For revival to actually come, there must always be a preparation phase.

I have been privileged to experience a Revival-like atmosphere in more than one ministry in my tenure of full-time pastoral and youth pastor ministry. I could write a book about all the miracles I have seen and been part of. I learned so much about how the Lord prepares a group or church or people who want to walk in the Spirit and receive all that the Word of God promises for us as His children.

As Charles Finney taught, Revival is the result of His people repenting and turning to God’s Word, and obeying it once again. Ty Schenzel also taught this. Pastor Elmer also taught this – and so now do I. 🙂


So what is my role with REVIVE EQUIP? I am the Executive Director, Founder and have been writing material almost daily. Some of the content comes from my books (THE NEW PHARISEE, PEBBLES IN THE POND, Vol 2) and 1 unpublished work called THE LIFE (A study of John’s writings in the NT) so, for those who didn’t know, there you go.

I wrote before I could walk… err, speak. 🙂

[One other tidbit: One day at Trinity in 1995, Pastor Elmer Murdoch felt led to pray for me at a pastors prayer meeting and he asked Pastor Ray Mayhew and a few other pastors to join him. They all laid hands on me, and Pastor Murdoch prayed this amazing prayer of impartation – that I might teach the Word like Ray Mayhew. What? In all humility, I could never aspire to even be 50% as good as Ray Mayhew, but it is something I have tried to steward these last 25 years!]

All this to say – I am confidant that REVIVE EQUIP is a great next step for us, and we get to still live in Omaha!


REVIVE EQUIP is an official non profit ministry. However we are still in process of receiving our 501(c)3 status, that means every single gift given to REVIVE EQUIP can be 100% tax-deductible, pending the IRS official recognition, back to 12 months previous.

As the only paid staff (Executive Director/Founder) I need to raise my own support. As well as lead the support raising for the entire ministry. We have a wonderful BOARD (Bernie Lowis, Merle Gerdes, Ryan Geppert, and growing) that is helping get REVIVE EQUIP off the ground! 

We have a big vision to help Believers Reignite their FIRST LOVE for the Lord, and then be equipped in their gift to expand the Kingdom of God. 


We have been blessed by what God has already brought in – But we are only at about 50% complete in terms of our personal monthly support raising. Our deadline is fast approaching.

I can’t fully move ahead in the opportunities and request to help other churches beyond what we are already committing to.

(I am currently working with Dayspring Ministries Christian Center and Pastor Ed King. Amazing miracles are taking place there. PM or DM me for more details and I will tell you the deets).

The board wisely decided to have me focus on raising the remaining 50% of our support.

Until I do that. our ministry cannot be what God intends it to be.

Pastor Ed King and his congregation have been blessed and revived and equipped to minister, to pray, to seek the Lord daily, and to share their faith.

But there are so many more like his wonderful congregation!

Would you prayerfully consider helping us help more pastors like P Ed King and more churches and Believers like his members?


Would you consider PARTNERING with Sylvie and I as one of our Monthly Supporters?

Simply GO TO THE FANTASTIC 40 PAGE and choose if/how you would like to PARTNER ONGOING with me at REVIVE EQUIP!

Or – you can go directly to our support page by clicking the button below:

You can even become a prayer partner if money is not an option at this time!

Thank you so much for prayerfully considering joining us!

Jeff & Sylvie Saxton


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