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The Other Verses

As sinful humans who often go astray, people like to use certain Bible nuances or translational preferences when holding on tightly to a belief they have. Even many Christians like using certain phrases, in part, because then they have an excuse to counter potential other… Read More »The Other Verses

How To Be In-Visible

I was an off-campus college student at NCU (formerly NCBC) in Minneapolis MN. That meant I was totally unknown to the popular kids. I was doomed to complete anonymity. I was so jealous of the ones getting all the attention, awards, acclaim, honors and here… Read More »How To Be In-Visible

Are You Cross-Fit?

So what’s the deal with “The Cross?” I am assuming if you’re reading this post, you are already somewhat familiar with the Easter story, Jesus dying on “The Cross” and rising again Sunday morning! Jesus paid the price for our sin – and (spoiler alert:… Read More »Are You Cross-Fit?

I Know What I Love

Today it dawned on me: I’m sometimes misunderstood for my outspoken moments when I share my deep concern for the lack of Bible knowledge in our children, youth and adults. The response I hear the most is “Why does Jeff need to talk about Bible… Read More »I Know What I Love

Lost in Translation

There seems to be… an increase of confusion about exactly how the Bible was created, how the most recent English translations have come to be, and whether there is so much error that these modern translations cannot even be trusted! “Jeff! Maybe Moses never even… Read More »Lost in Translation